About Us

We are Weird Destiny Productions, working to revolutionize the way events are thrown today. We specialize in throwing immersive interactive freakout events, we are based out of Austin and Denton, Texas. We released a 3 part series of freakout coloring books called Let's Create Something Magical, and we are currently working on a Flaming Lips Tribute project titled Looking Into Space It Surrounds You! We draw inspiration from our friends and all the weirdos out there doing what they love! Weird Destiny Productions is headed by Co-Creative Directors Billy Zimmerman and Colby Cervantes. We have experience working festivals, curating galleries, making art installations, setting up laser light shows, hosting blacklight coloring parties, graphic design, booking shows, and working with bands and venues to help with vibes. We have worked with over 100 artists and bands since we started in 2013. The main contributing artists to our asthetic are Andrew Pawley, Luis Torres, Colby Cervantes and Melted Vision AKA Hannah and Katie Snider.  

We love to make new friends and we are always open to work with new people on ALL experience levels and mediums. Please give us a shout if you wanna work together, or just say hello! Just head over to our contact page.

Dustin Cook