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Blacklight Bundle for Let's Create Something Magical Vol. 3

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Our favorite way we like to color and have coloring parties is with Blacklight!! In this package you will receive a brand new battery operated LED blacklight ($20 retail value). The same type blacklights we use will sold to you, requires neon markers for full experience!

* This bundle saves you $5 off the book

The coloring book is printed single sided and it features over 20 collaborations and over 70 pages of freakout content to color!! Made in Austin Texas and limited to 200 copies for the 1st edition! Also comes with our latest Weird Destiny sticker!

This volume features the works of:
Oliver Hibert || Lauren YS
Spencer Hibert || Isis Fisher
Joey Stupor || Jacque Denton
Andrew Pawley || Hannah Snider
Katie Snider || Daniel Sutliff
Madelen Foss || Dima Drjuchin
Jens Dåversjö || Good Drink
Ouvra || Yu Maeda || Nik Foreman
Erika Tay || Betsey Gravatt
Adehla Lee || Dustin Cook
Michelle Devereux || Sua Agape
Yaicecream || Daniel Huffman
Blanche GURU || Michael J. Slack
Hannah Mabry || Teddy Pancake
Happysmack || Bex ilsley
Raquelle Reeves || Rollin Kunz
King Mallard|| Charles Crabtree
Haley Simpson || Kaylie Kaitschuck
Bethany Coleman || Monica Chih
Sarah Mae || Chad Graves
Sara Reynolds || Blake Wilson
Jeremy Mayers || Fever Dream Interactive

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